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Marilou had always been athletic, but playing team sports became very taxing on her body and often found herself injured. She was reluctant to try hot yoga after several attempts of trying yoga and not particularly liking the practice. One class was all she needed to change her mind. After 3 years, she is now a teacher and swears by the positive and rewarding outcomes it has given her in all aspects of her life. She knew during her introductory week at Moksha that she wanted to teach, not only because she is a natural teacher, but because its philosophy is so in line with her work as an occupational therapist. The two have strengthened her knowledge about the body and how it works and has inspired her to not only keep learning but to share with others what she has learned.  Marilou did her Moksha training in Brazil in 2012 and has since then studied under such yogis as Ted Grand, Jess Robertson, Dina T. (Tsouluhas), Dina R (Robertson), and Frank Boccio. In the Spring of 2013 she received her Moksha Flow training in Kelowna, British Columbia. For her yoga is where she achieves zen. As someone who is always on the go and has a lot of energy to burn, Yoga allows her to just be. It brings her strength not just physically, but also mentally. It is the end of her practice that inspires her to continue; that moment when she finds herself truly open, centered and above all strong. Not to mention sweat is oddly addictive! As a teacher she encourages her students to listen to their body and to make their practice their own. While she admits this can be a challenge, even for her, she tries to remind herself and others to put their ego aside and not judge – no matter how competitive one can be sometimes letting go and having zero expectations can bring you the biggest rewards.