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Monica Healey found her way to yoga through her career as a physical education teacher at John Abbott College back in 2009.  She felt deeply inspired by Moksha’s philosophy and the health benefits of practicing in the heat. She received training for Moksha Flow in Kelowna, B.C. (2013), did her Moksha Training in Victoria, B.C (2012) and has a 200 hour teacher certification from Yogafit in Montreal and Toronto (2009-10).  For Monica, her practice means continuity, pleasure, exploration and discovery. She hopes her students, when practicing asana, will pay attention to their own individual body needs when doing a pose rather than trying to fit the pose. She lives by the advice she was given by Ted Grand during her training in Victoria: “Forget everything you have learned. Trust that it is there, within you, and when it is needed, it will come back to serve you.”