What People Are Saying

lizanne I would just like to thank Moksha Yoga West Island! Lana and Claudine you guys have helped me breathe, remain sane (for the most part), flexible and strong over the last few years which allowed me to perform on the basketball court. I don't think I would have made it without yoga. You guys rock and I can't wait to see you again when I am home! Namaste :) Read more about Lizanne via this "Getting to know our olympians" page Lizanne Murphy, Olympian

upcoming Events

  • Moksha

    A challenging, healthy all-level hot yoga sequence (linked with breath).

  • Meditation

    Meditation practices which have increased inner calm and well being for hundreds or thousands of years. Sessions will draw upon Vipassana (Insight) meditation, and Taoist and Qigong meditation.

  • Moksha Flow

    A challenging, healthy, hot yoga FLOW sequence. Postures are linked with breath and downward-upward dog flow sequences.

  • Power Flow

    A challenging and innovative flow class with more advanced postures and sequences. Beginners encouraged to be comfortable with the Moksha/Flow class first.

  • Yang-Yin Hot Yoga

    Get a good sweat going with a Moksha Flow sequencing. Then settle into some juicy long yin yoga stretches. A well-rounded practice for beginners & advanced

  • Hot Yin Yoga

    Long, deep supported holds to give our muscles and connective tissues the time to stretch it out.

  • Hot Yin Tonic

    Adding a massage therapist/adjuster for some tonic to your yin classes. Reserving your spot is a must for this favourite!

  • Community Class

    A reduced-fee Moksha class led by a teacher-in-training.

  • Moksha with MUSIC ♫

    Change up your Moksha or Flow class with some tunes. Check schedule for ♫ for our classes with music.

  • Karma Class

    A reduced-fee Moksha/Modo class. All proceeds support not-for-profit organizations.

  • Moksha Pre-natal

    Breath and movement that compliments our regular series for expecting mothers.

  • Kids Yoga

    Kids Yoga classes are designed to nourish and flourish our inner yogi. Games for younger kids, have fun in a positive environment and learn how to focus and de-stress.

  • Savasana

    A VERY relaxing 1 pose class. Just lie on your back and breath. Just kidding, this is not a real class but we think savasana can change the world!